Soy-based Products

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Nutri Plus Soy

Food supplement rich in proteins. Can be used on the table or on the spit. USAGE: Soy-Salt-Pepper-Sp..


Soy Couscous

Facilitates digestion and prevents constipation..


Soy meat

Soy meat remains a food of choice, it provides all the essencial amino acids. It lends itself to man..


Soy Mustard

Soy mustard, concentrated on vitamin E, is gluten-free and high in protein. Soy mustard is a condime..


Soy Tea

Choline and inosithol soy removes bad fats and thin blood. -Preparation: two teaspoons of soy in a c..


Vita riche Adult

Rich in minerals and salt. Flour composed of processed soy and corn. Rich in lecithin, promotes slee..


Vita riche Children

Rich in minerals and salt. Weaning flour. Allows good growth and strengthens the bones. Preparation:..


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