About Us

About us



Since the 80s/90s, Henri-Gilbert Caresmel has invested in the fabrication and processing of packaging for agrifood, cosmetics, among others.

In 30 years, he took on and invested in over 10 companies, still keeping the area of packaging a speciality.

Materials of high protection and quality to preserve flavours, but above all the lifespan of packaged products.

He created a group that became leader in France and with a strong presence in the United Kingdom and nordic countries.

His priorities, “British Retail Consortium” in all his companies, is the respect for the environment.

In 2018, the group he founded with his sons throughout the years, became a partner of the main european packaging group.

Goal in Africa

Since 2012 he has dedicated himself mainly to the African continent by creating the company A M I.

Provides access to agricultural cooperatives, agrifood cooperatives, and producers to the feminist organizations of feminine groups, as well as providing technical competence, packaging, and packaging machines.

Estabilishes a presence of commerce and storage in around 20 countries.

Creates na online store on the Internet.

Our project

Value the African agrifood products.

Give the opportunity to our producers, processors, and packagers to have the means to obtain organic references and natural products.

Bring these products back to Europe in a valued way.

Provide quality products and packages in Europe.

Provide equipment to produce the products to be packaged at a low cost.

We work directly with producers, our presence is in Western and Central Africa.

Our products fulfill the approval requirements of their country’s health services and of Europe.

Offer equipment to help the quality and cost of production and packaging of their products to our African friends. 

Every African can find on their table, constantly, the products of their country, no matter where they are